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Project Cost Reporting

This is a new feature that allows the Counties/Cities to use a step-by-step interface to set their own report parameters for a project, and export the report to options such as excel or printer-friendly.  Also, as part of the Project Cost Reporting application, all project bid (i.e. engineer's estimate, abstract of bids) data tracked in OneOffice is automatically sent to SALT after the project is awarded in OneOffice.  SALT will use the same step-by-step wizard that Counties/Cities have available in OneOffice, and SALT will use it to create reports from the Counties/Cities project bid data that is gathered from the Counties/Cities and sent to SALT daily. Note: Please continue to email the Abstract of Bids in excel to SALT as recently requested by State Aid Finance until further notice. 


Click on eMedia to access Project Cost Reporting while in any of the three phases of your project. You will then be prompted to login to e/Gram. eMedia is located at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the screen. Use the step-by step wizard to guide you through the process.



1. The project you currently are in will be automatically selected and you will be brought to Choose Options. To select different or multiple projects, click on Choose Projects. You are then able to filter your search by Award Date, Highest Funding level and SALT Work Type. All of this information is tracked on your project page.



2. In Choose Options, create the report you would like to view, using the following parameters:  Show Engineer’s Estimate (Yes/No), Show Bidders (None, Winning, All), and By Category (Yes/No). If the project is part of a contract, all other projects in that contract will be listed here as well. At the bottom of the page, you will be able to view the report you are generating.



3. In Choose Format you will select how you would like to output your report:  Printer-friendly, Adobe PDF, Excel and HTML.



SALT Project Cost Reporting

When a State Aid project is awarded in OneOffice, the Abstract of Bids and Engineers Estimate project bid data is automatically sent to SALT’s Project Cost Reporting database. Please continue to send State Aid Finance the Abstract of Bids in excel until further notice from State Aid Finance. The screenshot and information below demonstrates how the County/City, through OneOffice, can track project bid data that is sent to SALT or schedule bid data to be sent to SALT if the automatic process does not correctly send the data.

To view which project's Abstract of Bid and Engineer’s Estimate have been sent, click on the Administration tab > Project Admin > SALT Project Cost Reporting. At the right you will see the list of projects, along with the data sent, the date it was sent, and the status.


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