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Access the County’s eGram site and login. The login button is on the top right of the screen. You will be prompted for your username and password.



Click on Projects to select by phase, see construction status information, or view the default listing. From the phase selection, the arrow will take you to the list of projects currently in that phase.



Project Pages

When logged in as a Consultant you will see Weekly Diaries and Partial Payment documents when posted here by the County. Choose to hide or show lists by click on the arrow icon located in the top right corner of the table.




Create messages and add attachments (see Adding Messages, Documents & Photos), view nonproject data/messages, and use the Help/FAQ site all under the Messages header.




Go to the User tab to change your password .



Tied Projects

Projects tied by Contract are listed in the Project Information section after clicking on the project. Click on the project number to go to that project page.



Check Out Link

When the County has connected you to a project as a consultant with check in / check out rights, you’ll login to e/Gram and access the project(s). Select the project you need. The Project Page will provide project information and this check in/check out connection. From your computer containing the offline controls, click on Check Out to load the project information.



Check Out a Project

You must save the project file to your computer, then you can open it offline. The Filename is
displayed. It is suggested you create a folder on your computer for saving these files. When you open the offline version using the filename, the offline project looks like this.



Offline – Query Buttons

Query IRA button will display all IRA’s for the project. Query Open Transactions will display transactions which are not yet paid for in a partial payment. These quantities can be edited. Query Posted Transactions will display entries which are paid for. These quantities cannot be edited.



Item Record Accounts

To access IRA’s for transactions, click on Add/Edit Transactions.This opens the Transactions box where you select the Item Category and Item from the pull down menus. From there, click on the item you need. To add a transaction for that item, click on Add Transaction.



Add Transactions

In the Add Transaction screen, enter the transaction quantity, date (if other than current), comments, documentation and select the funding split.

Select to create an Item Sketch or Tally Sheet for a transaction. Funding is set up by the County, and this area should be discussed prior to construction to determine if the Consultant will be required to assign funding or if the County will do it. Note: Once a transaction has been added, it cannot be deleted. It can be edited if incorrect, a quantity of -0- is used.



Backup Offline Data

Click on Backup Offline Data to backup information to a specific drive or location. Then click Backup.



Daily Journal

Select Daily Journal to open the Daily Journal Entries screen. Enter data which will be
be shown in the Weekly Diary:

  • Weather
  • Days charged
  • Progress-Controlling Operations
  • Daily Comments
  • Weekly Summary
  • Equipment
  • Contractors
  • Daily Diary notes (not shown on Weekly Diary)



Check In Link

From your computer containing the offline data, connect to the County’s eGram and open
the project page, click on Check In to transfer the project information back to OneOffice.



Adding Messages, Documents, Photos

To add a message to the project page on e/Gram, login to e/Gram and go to Message > New Message. Type in the Subject and the Message. You can attach a document or photo by clicking on Browse, and selecting the file you wish to attach, then click on Save at the bottom of the page. To make the message internal only (must be logged into access) check the Internal use only box.


Email RTVision Support


Last Updated: July 24, 2008